1. marky9074's Avatar
    Hello people,

    I've had my 1520 for a fair while now, and been very happy with it. It is a little bit too big, but never too much of an inconvenience. I've dropped it hard on concrete and it has a tiny dimple on the yellow corner (which I was annoyed with at the time) but apart from that has served me well. However, I found lately that when I did a factory reset and got the latest insider build it run fine, but as soon as I got a newer build it started to run like a dog. When in the camera app or groove the phone would feel like its on fire, and the battery would be flat in a few hours.

    To that end thought it was time to move on, and was looking at the Elite X3, but again a bit too big, and as others have said not likely to be a ground breaking camera. So I started looking at 950 & 950XL again (which I had previously dismissed), and found 950's at Simply Electronics for 220! That is almost disposable (whilst waiting for a Surface phone)......

    So I took the plunge and ordered (I've ordered before from Simply Electronics so I am not too worried about an import).

    I'll get a Mozo cover, and seen the Gorilla Tech screen protector on Amazon. Just wondered what other peoples experience is going from a 1520? The 950 XL is 100 more from Simply (which I cannot justify) and I still think the 950 price is a steal for what it is (shame its not the dual SIM).

    Anyway, any input much appreciated!
    07-23-2016 09:06 AM
  2. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    the phone externals can be underwhelming for many since it's not that nice a design compared with the 1520 - on the other hand the frequent firmware updates are helping. Check the forums for user experiences, you'll find plenty of feedback on that
    07-23-2016 10:41 AM
  3. mgd 57's Avatar
    I agree with Chintan, the 950xl is indeed below par, I've often said that. If you design and build a flagship anything, you build it top notch,, Microsoft got this wrong big style, furthermore it should not have been launched with 10 on board, that killed it with the reviewers on the net, this in turn put off any likely buyers. But, such is Microsoft for reasons best known to themselves.
    I have a 950xl and a 1520. I like the 950 but I keep going back to the 1520 and use it every day. I bought a piel frama case for it soon after buying which while it was the price of a good pair of shoes really does show it off. As for performance the 1520 has the edge, in my opinion in all respects though I may be a bit bias. The 950 can be like a cooker sometimes, it gets really hot and judders a bit whereas I never have that problem with the 1520. Also the 950 randomly reboots itself maybe twice a day, maybe more when I'm not using it, so, yeah, I think it's not just the bizz! Most importantly for me is camera capabilities and the 1520 is way out there, again in my humble opinion.
    Interestingly I looked on eBay today and noticed resale value is going up on the 1520, and judging by the number of bidders on them they are gaining popularity again. It's the old adage, when you can't get something you want it more. People are realising how good these handsets really are.
    I'm running 10 on insider fast ring and other than quite a few diabolical builds along the way it has settled down into a really smooth phone again. Still get many admiring compliments on it and android and apple users are fascinated by it but since Windows has such a bad name (unjustifiably so) they are really reluctant to jump.
    07-23-2016 11:11 AM
  4. marky9074's Avatar
    Oh well, it will be an interesting transition period! I hope I don't still favour the 1520 over the 950! It sounds like you had the complete opposite experience to me, as my 1520 is the cooker with bad battery life now! Interesting that there are new 1520's going for crazy money on eBay (more or less the same as a 950XL)....
    07-23-2016 11:24 AM
  5. mgd 57's Avatar
    Lol, that is weird!! I bought this 1520 last year from Austria brand new unopened and unbranded, was very lucky, maybe stock unsold or something, but couldn't believe my luck anyway! Don't get me wrong, the 950xl isn't the worst out there but I was really disappointed in the quality overall that's just my opinion, it creaked and flexed which annoyed me, it stays at home, I just use it on WiFi but will probably sell it soon. Yes its border line too big but so is the 1520, It's all choice after all. The final build of 10 is due soon and you'll find battery life and temp' will normalize on your 1520. A lot of people have made the transition from 1520 to 950 and love them warts and all. I just wish HTC would build a Windows 10 phone, now that would be a top notch machine, nobody builds better handsets than them. They over- engineer and spend far too much on them hence never making money, but as they say "quietly brilliant". Let's see what happens with hp elite!
    07-23-2016 11:37 AM

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