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    I did an extensive search on MMS settings so hopefully I am not repeating a similar post. I purchased a Verizon unlocked Icon to use on a regional CDMA carrier (Bluegrass Cellular) that uses Verizon towers as well as their own. (Our company just made the move from AT&T to Bluegrass) The calls and data work fine. However, like I have seen posted by others, text messaging is not functioning properly. I can receive SMS but when sending messages the recipient receives gibberish. I do not receive MMS messages at all!

    The Icon has been updated to latest version of Windows 10. The MMS APN setting has been unlocked. The problem is that when I enter a MMS APN it will not save. The phone shows "We saved your MMS APN settings." but does not show up as a new MMS APN.

    If anyone else has experienced this or has insight to what could be causing this issue I would greatly appreciate your assistance.
    I have been a Windows Phone user since HP ruined Palm/WebOS. I dread having to move to another OS. I am the only one at our company that uses WP. I have been a proponent of WP and still want to use it. (Most everyone else at our company uses iOS). It will be a smack in my face if I have to go to iOS. Bluegrass Cellular does not offer WP and will not assist me with setting up the Icon!

    Help Me Windows Phones community your my only hope!
    07-25-2016 11:09 AM
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    I am not familiar with setting CDMA APN's but I was always under the impression it was automatically set by the carrier.
    The only suggestions I would offer would be:
    Delete all of the APN's in the phone now(make note of what is in there for later reference), power off the phone and restart it while in an area with good cell phone coverage(signal) for your new carrier not Verizon and make a call then check if the APN has been populated.

    Delete all of the APN's then enter your settings manually restart the phone and check them.

    Check to make sure cell phone data is on as I believe it has to be in order to receive mms.

    Other than that I am at a loss as to what you could try.

    Good Luck,

    07-25-2016 02:09 PM
  3. jrdj1965's Avatar
    Thank you fro your response. This phone was never on Verizon. Verizon is not in our geographical area. I ordered the phone from Amazon with the intent of using with Bluegrass Cellular. Bluegrass has an agreement with Verizon to use their towers when their customer's are in Verizon coverage area.

    I cannot save any new APN. I cannot even edit the existing internet APN. There appears to be no current MMS APN active. Data is on. I am able to receive email and browse the web.

    Based upon your comment I am fearful you are correct this is setup on the carrier's sim card and I cannot change the settings. The carrier is not willing to work with me on trying to get this set up. All they want to do is use their phones. The technical support of this company is somewhat suspect as I have found out as well.

    I do not even like to use text and could easily live without it. Unfortunately it is required by our company because it is used a lot to communicate internally. I am a project manager in the technical department of my company and have never been so frustrated that I cannot solve an issue and am evidently going to be forced to use a device I do not want!!!

    Thanks again for your response.
    07-25-2016 02:58 PM
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    One last thought. Maybe you could try using a sim from one of the other phones at your job that you know works.

    Possibly you might have a bad sim.

    Sorry I can't be more help.

    07-25-2016 05:59 PM
  5. jrdj1965's Avatar
    I had already tried using a different sim. In addition, I do have an i-phone 6s that was issued to me during he cut-over. All of the text messaging works on the i-phone which leads me to believe one of two things, either there is still something locked in the Icon that I don't know what it is or the sim is customized by the carrier for iphone. The other sims I tried were also from iphone.

    With all of that being said, since the carrier does not offer WP, they will not troubleshoot the operation of their sim in my phone let alone make a custom sim. So much for customer service!? I thought AT&T was difficult?!!

    I really do not see the appeal of an iphone. My wife has had one for years and I never could get used to the operation. Windows Phone is more intuitive to me than iOS. I also can't help but to chuckle when I minimize an app on iOS to a card and swipe up to close. This is straight from WebOS. At least WP cards swipe down and also provide an X to close the program.

    Thanks again Willdb for your suggestions.
    07-25-2016 06:55 PM
  6. wildb01's Avatar
    I'm at a loss. I really like Window Phones myself but have been close to leaving a few times my self due to issues that I manage, just barley to over come.

    By the way check your Private Message inbox when you get a moment.

    07-26-2016 01:37 PM

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