1. pdch's Avatar
    I just updated to 14946. Overall it seems better than the last abysmal build, but facebook will not open at all. It goes to a blank screen with just controls at bottom with phone stuck for about a minute, then it just shuts down. I have tried rebooting to no avail. So far, that is the only app I seem to be having problems with - which is so much better than 14936. The last build kept freezing and rebooting on my 950xl, and every 950 at my friend's firm.
    10-13-2016 06:25 PM
  2. Maaz Mansori's Avatar
    I have a 950 (not XL) and my Facebook app opens and works fine with 14946. This is the latest public release by Facebook, not the beta or the old Microsoft version. You may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling it. The last build generally worked okay for me except I did notice 1 reboot and also had the annoying text messaging bug (which required a reboot to fix each time) which they say was corrected in the latest release.
    10-13-2016 06:48 PM
  3. pdch's Avatar
    It apparently fixed itself. Guess u just needed to give the phone time to synch everything up. Great thing is Edge is MUCH faster
    10-13-2016 08:00 PM

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