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    okay, I don't know if this has been posted here or not, so if it has, I am sorry for making another post but if it hasn't, enjoy these

    situation -
    wallpaper on start screen will be offset when we use the full screen picture mode, thus if we use the same picture for lock screen and start screen it will not have the same size nor alignment. see pictures below

    lock screen
    start screen

    so I used some grid images to identify how the offset is managed by windows and created a template so that we can make wallpapers that will be consistent in appearance both in lock screen as well as start screen

    here is the template as viewed in illustrator

    the green area will nest the wallpaper used in the lock screen, the red will nest the area for the start screen. here it is in action on my phone
    lock screen
    start screen
    both screens displays a consistent placement of the wallpaper in terms of alignment and size.
    use slice to slice both areas and save each slice according to the resolution of your screen, i.e on a lumia 950, I will save both at 1440x2560

    I hope you guys can use this. have a nice day

    attached is the illustrator file for the template

    wallpaper template.zip

    Gameboy cartoon image is from a very talented graphic artist @cronobreaker at deviantart.com
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    10-28-2016 03:10 PM

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