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    hi there,

    I bought a new Lumia 950 in august ( this is my second 950 ) and the phone is perfectly working, but last month after a techno concert recording and the uploading on youtube i realized that the audio was compromised with very clear bass distortions WTF !! with rich sound recording it's impossible !!!! This never happened before ( with my previous 950 ) even shooting a video close to the subwoofers.

    Check here to hear the bass distortion : go to 02:45

    I first checked the rubbery ring that protects mics thinking that maybe one was misplaced over one mic but everything is ok !!

    I am wondering if this is due to windows camera update or windows 10 update or if it is a deficient HAAC device. or maybe some glue on the mic but difficult to see without removing the rubber ring.

    Thanks in advance for you help
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