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    recently my second power charger was "burned". I bought some cheap usb plugs but i dont know they seem to charge slow and sometimes smell, maybe because they are new. Anyway i was thinking to buy a new original nokia plug charger but i dont know which one since i threw out original long time ago. If i remember correctly it was AC-60E (2pins). On internet i find AC-60X (3pins) but i also get results for 18X, 20E, 50X and im confused now. Apparently E/X is 2pin/3pin but the other model number is removable usb or not and output voltage.

    anyone can confirm if all these models work with 930?

    11-15-2016 08:27 AM
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    Hi, what you should be looking for is 5V 2A output (This is the spec of the original charger that came with my Lumia 930).
    I think you are confusing yourself by looking at different plug types and whether the cable is removable or not.
    What region are you based?
    If the current rating is less than 2A it will probably take longer to charge.
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    11-15-2016 10:02 AM
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    my country has 3pin uk plug although my 930 GB came with 2pin and i think it was 1.5A.. yeah i mention that models the search came up and as you mention also some are just the same with only difference if usb is removable or not

    Edit: mine came with this adapter


    Charger output current: 1500 mA
    Charger output voltage: 5.0 V


    Its weird yours came as 2A. Does it says model like mine AC-60?
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    11-15-2016 11:52 AM
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    Im trying to find out about this too. I got a Xiaomi powerbank that charges 2A@5V, and it charges the Lumia 930 faster than the wall charger that I got with the fone that is rated 1.5A@5V, so the phone can handle at least 2A@5V. I want a faster wall charger.
    12-16-2016 07:22 AM

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