1. mdaud's Avatar
    My Microsoft Lumia 540 running Windows 8.1 has issue with WhatsApp. WhatsApp application crashes after running any video 2, 3 seconds.

    I have tried re-installing Windows 8.1, tried restarting the phone, updating video player and whatsApp application, but in vain.

    Although Windows 10 runs WhatsApp better but Windows 10 has its own issues on Lumia 540, the most important one is running the whole phone very slow.
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    12-03-2016 07:08 PM
  2. abhishek singh21's Avatar
    whatsapp is unsupported for windows phone 8.1 now. You should strongly consider either upgrading or switching platforms.
    12-04-2016 12:31 AM
  3. ads13's Avatar
    Its not @Abhishek , his phone needs soft reset.
    12-04-2016 01:18 AM
  4. Shravanjps's Avatar
    What is soft reset?
    02-21-2017 08:58 PM
  5. Shravanjps's Avatar
    Could you solve the problem?
    Same problem with Lumia 730 too.
    02-21-2017 09:14 PM
  6. Starboy21's Avatar
    I too have the same problem on my 540 n i had it on my 520 too the only thing u can do is download the vid u received on WhatsApp n see the video in photos app with no issues
    03-13-2017 05:06 AM