1. mstrblueskys's Avatar
    Hey guys - quick question: I was running insider builds on my Lumia 950 when I had it. It was okay but eventually I had to transition away because it was particularly unstable leading up to a business trip.

    I am not on Insider builds yet on my x3 but I'm dying to get back! How have they been on the x3? And since the current build is going to be here for a while, how's this one doing?

    12-20-2016 08:53 AM
  2. Corwin_Amber's Avatar
    IMO, 14977 is fine. I am not having any issues with it. Upgrading it went fine for me several times.

    I would, maybe, not hard reset, while on it. After a hard reset, the Microsoft apps are missing. They can be easily reinstalled from store and this is not an issue.
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    12-20-2016 09:12 AM
  3. invisik's Avatar
    I'm on 14977 as well.... I'm experiencing some flakiness in a couple of areas. When I swipe down from the top and turn on or off Wifi, the icon doesn't change color until I close the panel and open it again. Camera has crashed a few times on me (had no crashes on previous non-insider build). Hotspot can't get fully going until I reboot the phone and try it again. YMMV!

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    12-20-2016 12:27 PM
  4. DCW1000's Avatar
    Also running 14977 and have had no problems that I can attribute to the build itself. There were some messaging problems that I fixed by deleting Skype Preview. Camera problems existed until the most recent firmware and the two or three most recent Fast Ring updates came along, but out here on the beta-testing edge the camera no longer shows flaky behavior. (I think there are still some slow-to-focus problems that may be improved with the next firmware update.) One of the nice things about having current firmware AND a Fast Ring update is that it gives the camera the ability to capture 4:3 images and use the full 16mp capacity of the sensor. Current firmware paired with the Anniversary Update gives you nothing bigger than the 16:9 image format at 13mp.
    12-22-2016 10:44 AM

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