1. csw43's Avatar
    Just saw this over at the HP forums. Updating as we speak

    Notice Date: February 27, 2017

    Firmware Revision: 0002.0000.0026.0118
    OS Build: 10.0.14393.693
    Bootloader Version: 520271
    Issues Addressed:
    Photo quality in full dark environment with flash on is improved.
    Auto focus tuning updates.
    APN configurations updated for Orange, MegaFone, Vodafone
    Memory utilization is optimized.
    Performance of application launches is improved.
    HP Elite x3 Barcode Scanner Jacket is supported.
    Known Issues:
    Skype for Business app cannot be launched from Continuum external display.
    LAN port of HP desk dock does not have UI configurations. This will be available in Windows 10 Mobile RS2.
    Too many failed unlock attempts, the device will be locked for security reasons. User can unlock the device at https://account.microsoft.com/devices.

    Nothing too exiting but its good to see the support continue
    02-28-2017 01:15 PM
  2. Carl Anderson's Avatar
    Cool. Mine just finished rebooting. Thanks!
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    02-28-2017 01:22 PM
  3. DCW1000's Avatar
    Updating mine now. It feels like HP is pushing these firmware updates almost on a monthly basis.

    I'm glad to see they continue to tinker with the camera. When I started exploring my x3 after setting it up last year, the camera was disappointing. Since then it has been improved significantly.
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    02-28-2017 03:49 PM
  4. fgol's Avatar
    Hmmmm..... I did the update this afternoon then this evening when I pulled my phone out of its holster it was quite warm. I did a shutdown and it's been sitting on "Goodbye" for several minutes.
    02-28-2017 06:33 PM
  5. slepr's Avatar
    Have been checking every day since seeing the mention but still on 0113. Am on release preview ring sitting at build 14393.746. I know Dan had said you would have to roll back if you were on fast ring but no mention about non-creators level builds. Any tricks to force the firmware update?
    03-02-2017 12:15 PM
  6. Kogling's Avatar
    Got this update only a couple of hours ago.

    Can't set screen brightness anymore (auto only, ignores manual) and while It's a lot more sensitive (its cycled brightness' several times noticably now just writing this) its stuck on levels too dark for my liking for the majority of it.....

    So, had to disable "adjust automatically" in display settings.. Appears its either fully automatic or fully manual now.

    I know on my Nokia's "brightest" + auto was supposed to be the power saving benefits of an auto adjust on the brighter end of available brightness, but on HP it acted only as a true "auto" when you selected "suggested", and "brightest" was a manual override in the action bar from my understanding?

    Now it seems fully automatic regardless of darkest ~ brightest settings or fully manual with no auto adjust option. I actually use this option daily, not sure if this change will be annoying or not since I basically kept to manual but now auto adjust actually works... but cant have both :/
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    03-03-2017 02:53 PM
  7. PerfectReign's Avatar
    Concur with the brightness setting. I don't like it.

    By the way, if you are on any insider build ring, you won't get the update.

    Sent from mTalk
    03-04-2017 12:26 AM
  8. Kogling's Avatar
    Just now phone went from 30% battery down to 6%, red LED flickering, battery critically low warning, Docked phone, showed 31% almost instantly...

    think another dodgy update pushed with no testing and this phone goes on ebay.
    03-04-2017 02:14 PM
  9. Chubbynaga's Avatar
    Any photo samples after the camera update?
    03-04-2017 10:59 PM
  10. Walter Rossi's Avatar
    You've just to stop your insider build for 1 day, then search again the firmware update and you should find it. I did it and it worked.
    03-05-2017 05:42 AM

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