03-27-2017 05:22 PM
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    So, Mrs Jenny.. :) after and while having dealt with your SIM and LTE issue, what can you tell us about your usage experience with x3 Elite? you know, the usual ( battery life, smoothness of operation, stability of apps, browsing experience)..
    Sorry for my delayed response I was distracted by a big project!

    I'm very happy with the phone!

    Some of the initial issues were a bit annoying but nothing that was a deal breaker!

    Battery life is extraordinary! I have never drained it or gotten to a level where I have been worried it might die. I usually charge it at about 40%, but I am well over a day in when I get there. And as advertised it charges super fast!

    I don't use many apps, but I have not had any issues or crashes on that front. I'm a fan of the basic windows apps; weather, outlook, money, news etc. and they are working exactly as expected. I have not yet gotten around to setting up Cortana, been meaning to, but for the past week there has not been enough hours in the day. Once I get it setup I expect it to work as it did on past phones!

    As far as browser goes this remains a sore spot IMHO when it comes to windows phones. I personally hate edge. I've been playing around with Surfy Browser and so far I like it. However until MS allows us to change the default browser using others will remain a sore spot!

    It is the best phone I have ever used and operates smoothly in every way. Any issues I have are related to the growing pains MS has had with the operating system and not inherent to the hardware.
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    03-27-2017 05:22 PM
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