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    Just what the title says: I use the Windows Phone App for Desktop program to sync music between Windows 10 and my Lumia 830. It was working fine earlier this week. This morning, I tried to sync up--the program couldn't detect it. Tried restarting my PC and my phone multiple times.

    Then I noticed it wasn't showing up in Windows Explorer anymore either (though it was appearing under devices). I tried uninstalling it through devices, which would normally trigger an automatic driver reinstall, generally a good way of fixing this.

    Then that didn't work either. So I used the Windows Device Recovery Tool--I did have a backup from Thursday, and there's nothing particularly crucial on my phone, it's mostly just my portable music player, a camera, a phone and a few very simple apps.

    Phone wiped, restoring from backup--and it's still not being detected by my PC. I have a completely up-to-date installation of Windows 10, though considering I've been able to use my Lumia with Windows 10 for a year now, I doubt that would matter.

    Am I completely out of luck? I really like my Lumia, as limited as it is, but is just this a sign that I pretty much have to replace it, and even move to a new ecosystem?
    03-12-2017 12:45 PM
  2. T Moore's Avatar
    03-12-2017 01:23 PM
  3. Desynthesis's Avatar
    That was exactly it, thank you--I wish I'd figured that out before I wiped out my phone (and GDR2 update--now I have to update to WM10 apparently, which I'm a little wary of). Not to mention wasted an entire morning trying to fix the issue.

    Well, if WM10 turns out to be a bust (reviews have been very, very mixed), I can go through the whole "recovery" process and go back to WP8.1 and try again to get GDR2.

    Thank you, T Moore!
    03-12-2017 05:17 PM

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