1. Indistinguishable's Avatar
    I was in the Microsoft store today and had a chance to play with the Elite x3 a bit. Great looking device! And that display is gorgeous. But I feel like I almost dropped it twice in the 30 seconds I was handling it. How slippery is this device?? It has to be the most slippery phone I've ever held.

    03-18-2017 11:12 PM
  2. TunedM52's Avatar
    It has nothing on the Idol 4S. That is hands down the most slippery phone I've ever encountered. It slides off any surface that isn't perfectly 100% level. Even leaving it resting on my 950 which isn't level due to the ever so slight camera bump, it'll slide off within seconds.

    Sent from my Lumia 950
    03-19-2017 09:55 AM
  3. dov1978's Avatar
    Galaxy S7 edge, iPhone 4, iPhone 7 Plus or Lumia 950 for me. They slid out my hand way too easily. Smashed my s7 edge after about 2 months sliding off my car seat onto a rubber floor mat and smashed my 950 after it slipped out my suit pocket onto concrete when I went to pick up my baby daughter. Only about 2 feet drop but the screen was shattered less that 24hrs after buying it. I've owned about 12 iPhone's over the years and not once have I managed to crack or smash a screen despite many heart stopping falls. My 950xl has been in a Tudia case since day one just to prevent a repeat of my 950
    03-19-2017 10:32 AM
  4. PerfectReign's Avatar
    Not slippery at all. Though the rugged case does help.

    FWIW, I've dropped mine several times.

    Sent from mTalk
    03-19-2017 04:38 PM
  5. JaimitoFrog's Avatar
    Put a case on it. Rugged case for me, adds bulk, but the phone looks good and I dropped it a few times without any damage.
    Jason Dridge likes this.
    03-20-2017 10:46 AM
  6. mryan55's Avatar
    Not using the x3 as my daily driver yet, but it doesn't seem too slippery -- although I do have a case to slip on later on when I decide to. It doesn't seem to slippery.

    As someone mentioned above, the Idol 4S is a lot more slippery with being all glass other than the edges. I have been using the BlackBerry DTEK60 since launch, based on the same reference design... and that is a slippery device for sure!
    03-20-2017 11:57 AM
  7. emmeborn's Avatar
    Using the HP Silicone Case and it is not slippery at all. Does not add too much bulk and feels very secure to hold. Compared to the 950 XL without cases the 950 XL is the most slippery in my opinion.
    03-27-2017 03:55 AM

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