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    I have had an issue since Friday 3/17. Somewhere around 4 pm EST my phone became unresponsive, I could get the screen to come up by using the lock/unlock button but could not put in my pin nor would my iris scanner turn on. Fearing that something was wrong with the insider build I decided to recover my phone using the Windows Recovery Tool. Even after this my phone will still unresponsive so I basically gave up and started watching some of the March Madness games then I checked my phone at 7 pm EST and it started working. Worked all day Saturday and then on Sunday about 4pm EST on Sunday and I took the same action but this time the phone did not recover until 5 pm EST Monday. I used all day today on the production build but it froze again about 7 pm EST but 10 mins later unfroze. Is anyone having this issue? Is this issue related to the Bluetooth issue from 15055? I am updating the phone to 15063 to see if this will help. I know I am being crazy but this seems like a driver issue and not hardware.
    03-21-2017 08:26 PM

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