1. henrythiha's Avatar
    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, and just purchased a Lumia 950 XL yesterday. At first, the battery was dead, so I waited for it to charge, then I proceeded to boot into Windows 10 Mobile, only to be greeted with a boot loop. It eventually booted up, and I set everything up. I clicked on the power button for a split second, and it immediately showed a "Slide down to power off" screen. I just slide up so it won't power off. After a couple of seconds, it just shut down, and started the boot loop. It is now stuck in this and I don't know how to fix it. I have tried Windows Device Recovery and Hard Reseting multiple times. They have all failed. Please help, anyone? I have posted this on reddit, but was looking for better options.

    I live in a remote country, where things like batteries and customer service is unavailable, so keep that in mind.
    03-24-2017 11:23 AM
  2. mtf1380's Avatar
    @henrythiha, you can try a 'soft reset' at any time (except during an update when the gears are showing), this will help most of the time, for most issues.

    Soft-Reset = holding the ['power button' + 'volume down button'] down at the same, time until the phone vibrates, and starts the soft reset process.

    Good Luck!
    03-24-2017 11:35 AM
  3. Exup's Avatar
    Another option to try:
    - Press the Volume Down Key + Power Key to turn on the unit
    - Still hold the volume down key, then release Power Key.
    - Wait for the startup screen booting with an exclamation mark " ! " then release the volume down key.
    - Press the following buttons in the following order: press the volume up (high volume key) ==> press volume key down (low volume key) ==> press the power key ==> press volume down key.
    - Wait a moment and look at the screen, a message such as loading new software will start the hard reset process
    03-24-2017 07:27 PM

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