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    I've spent 15 minutes on the web unsuccessfully trying to find a 1 male usbc to 2 or more female usbc adapter. I keep finding ones that convert to other types of ports. I have an HDMI to usbc adapter that I can use in continuum mode with my 950, but I also want to charge my phone.
    03-24-2017 02:57 PM
  2. Groover1971's Avatar
    The simple answer is use a wireless charger while using the OTG capabilities of the USB-C. Another choice that may work is a Startech Y-cable, a USB gender changer, and a powered USB hub. I used to use one on my old Stream 7. Another option that may work is getting a module from Plugable. You plug your USB cable into it and it becomes a hub that supplies USB, video, audio, and charging all in one.


    I actually just ordered another adapter tonight from Amazon. This should work for you.


    I can confirm that it does work on the 950. I was able to use the USB-C charging input on the adapter and also used the HDMI port to my TV. I was also able to use a full sized USB flash drive. I did get 1080 from the video but no 4K since Continuum doesn't support anything higher.
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    03-24-2017 09:32 PM

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