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    Windows 10 slow ring, build 10543.

    On this build I had been having the problem where the phone would shut off after hitting 40-50%, and I was in a situation where I wanted to take a couple more pictures, so I turned it back on and did so (before it would shut off again after a minute or two). I did this about 4 more times, and it still seemed like the battery was around 20%-25% when I was done. By the time I got home, the battery was extremely low (1-2%). I put it on the charger and went to bed.

    When I woke up, it appeared as though it was unable to charge the battery overnight. While it was on the charger, it was going through a loop where it would turn on, get to the login screen, complain about my SD card, and before I could tell it to ignore the SD card, it would shut off again. I let it sit for two hours off the charger, and then tried to charge it again.

    Now it's on the charger again, it's been bringing up the NOKIA logo every couple of minutes, but then goes black after a few seconds.

    03-28-2017 02:32 PM

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