1. drewsuruncle's Avatar
    Okay so I finally got an iPhone 6s+ last summer after being with windows phone since the beginning. I bought the Idol 4s when it went on sale from T-Mobile, and have just been using it here and there on the side.

    Here is my question and what I'd like some help with if possible. A bunch of Apps don't open on this phone. they just open the splash screen and then freeze. I have reset and loaded a back up and I tried it without the back up starting fresh. I have tried it both with and with out the fast ring updates, and yet nothing seems to work. Have the apps just not been updated and no longer work on windows mobile or what? Any thoughts/ideas are appreciated. Thanks.
    03-29-2017 10:56 AM
  2. HoosierDaddy's Avatar
    Hard to answer without knowing which apps are freezing. But it sounds like you could just have a defective phone.
    03-29-2017 11:22 AM
  3. Anthonyfear's Avatar
    not experienced any issues like that myself, I've had my phone (on insider builds) for about 2 months.
    03-29-2017 12:29 PM
  4. drewsuruncle's Avatar
    Thanks for the responses. Mainly the apps not working are games, such as Wordament (which isn't working on my iPhone, but it never worked on the Idol 4s), Dodo Pop, Monster Castle, MonsterBusters, I pretty much just downloaded these from the top games section of the store to see if they worked but most of them don't seem to.

    I have also had the issue with Amazon Kindle. And then the NBC News, and Fox News apps just say "loading".
    03-29-2017 12:40 PM
  5. HoosierDaddy's Avatar
    Kindle is the only app you listed that is on my wife's 4S. FWIW, it works perfectly. It worked on whatever version of Windows came on it and continues to work on every Insider production preview release since.

    People have posted about problems with the SD card not making a good connection. If you have one installed, see if things are better with the SD card out.

    If you are installing apps on the SD card, that might not ever be a good idea on a phone with 64GB of internal storage. SD cards are slower and less reliable than internal storage even with a good connection.
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    03-29-2017 01:15 PM
  6. drewsuruncle's Avatar
    Thanks Hoosier. No SD card installed. Not sure what else to do.
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    03-29-2017 01:34 PM
  7. HoosierDaddy's Avatar
    If you bought it locally, I would take it back to where I bought it and see if their demo 4S does the same thing (if they have a demo). If the demo phone doesn't have the problem or they don't have a demo phone, ask for a replacement. If it was a private party sale that might be difficult.
    03-29-2017 02:11 PM
  8. PFSP's Avatar
    I would try uninstalling the apps and reinstalling them.
    I have had pretty good success with this in other windows devices. I haven't had this problem yet with Idol 4s but my daughter has had the issue with her 650. It does not always work though.

    the Creators update is set to have an app reset that should clear all app data and restore it to the state as if it is first installed. I hope this works better than uninstalling and reinstalling because I don't think an uninstall always removes all data and therefore that trick does not always work.
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    03-29-2017 04:17 PM
  9. drewsuruncle's Avatar
    Good news! After talking to tech support at Alcatel I was going to send it in for them to check. Then I remembered the Windows Device Recovery Tool, and thought, what the hell why not. So after using that program things seem to function great. After about 6 months on iOS this really reminds me why I was on WP for so long. It is also a bit depressing due to the state of Windows Mobile, and the lack of support. Hopefully MS pulls their head out.
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    04-06-2017 11:47 AM

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