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    my phone dosen't work anymore, as in it loads windows 8.1 cyan, but nothing works after i get in, no app is working, store not working, if i try to do anything from phone menu, like reseting or updating it just restarts, and sometimes it restarts when i try to open store or any other app.

    Tried soft/hard reset, nothing, I have tried the windows device recovery tool, it works untill a point, it detects my lumia 520, the firmware, it downloads, then it restarts my phone, and after 1 second I get operation ended with failure, the phone restarts. Before I get operation ended with failure on monitor, for 1 second the phone gets into NOKIA logo with the loading bar, but nothing loads.
    Then I have tried the wpinternals, to unlock the botloader, again, the software works, it restarts my phone into flash mode, and then the program crashes - not responding - and the phone remains in flash mode with the NOKIA logo and the loading bar empty.
    Of course, before that, I have downloaded the proper rm-914 files, the ffu, and all of that.

    Besides that, since my phone is not working for 2 month or so, when it 1st broke, I used this programs, and some other that I don't recall exactly, one guide that requierd me to input some commands in console, thor2 something, some other nokia for retail that it didn't work for me, could't connect to anything, and I think that's it.

    Anyway, point is, I have tried anything I could find on the internet, and nothing helped. I also tried the same process on antoher computer, swtiched the usb cable, nothing. My phone just restarts when I try to put new software or it just hangs like it is now, on NOKIA logo. Of course, if i remove the battery, and start it up, it will go back to broken windows, that I can't replace.

    If anyone has any ideea, would be appreciated.

    05-16-2017 01:07 AM
  2. charlatan1978's Avatar
    Hi, you seem to have covered pretty much everything that can be done.
    The only minor things that I can suggest are removing the SD card (if present) and SIM.
    Likely though, is that the phone has a hardware fault.
    The Lumia 520 was released in 2013, so it is now coming up to 4 years old and this will affect hardware like the battery.
    Trying a replacement battery is probably worth a try if you can get hold of one.
    Personally I don't think the phone is worth anymore of your time and effort.
    05-16-2017 07:53 AM
  3. adi1983ro's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. To be honest, I really like my 520 lumia, I got so used to it that if i'm going to buy a new one, it will be a new lumia 520, since there are still functional ones out there. It's sad that it just "broke" out of the sudden.
    I did removed the sd/sim, the batter I haven't tried, maybe at one point I will. I don't really like how the technology is, that after 4 years a phone needs to be changed beacasue it's old. If this is progress :D it's sad in a way.

    Thanks for the reply.
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    05-16-2017 01:14 PM

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