1. TimTimmyTimothy's Avatar
    My L540 is on 15063.414 (Insider Release Preview) nowadays. But there is a huge problem since 15063.251. I had a clean hard reset (without any backup / sd card usage) after every update to fix it but no benefit yet.

    Everything works well except that sometimes (from 1 to about 10 times a day) suddenly screen goes black. It's not completely black like turned off, a bit brighter. If I press power button to lock the screen it goes completely black which means system is not shutted down actually. But nothing brings it to life unfortunately, other than a soft reset.

    Phone doesn't have any extra apps other than Whatsapp and myTube, also disabled almost all of background apps. (By the way of course all apps are updated)

    Tried (so called) solutions: Going back to W8.1 using (recent version) Recovery Tool (used it for a few days without black screen problem). Upgraded to the Anniversary Update (used again for a few days without black screen problem). Upgraded to the Creators Update, black screen problem came back.

    I have L640 XL and L735 (that phone also didn't get the C.U. officially, works well though) on the Creators Update too, and they have no problem. Also I see people having L540 with the Creators Update don't have that black screen issue. (Or do they?)

    Any kind of help would be appreciated!
    06-18-2017 11:28 PM
  2. Hyrokumata's Avatar
    I don't own the Lumia 540, but I own a device from the 5xx family, the 530. And I have the exact same issue that you describe. It seems to happen more often when I have an app on the foreground and I lock the screen. But I think it might also happen randomly with no apps in the background.
    After some cumulative updates, this issue persists, and I am afraid this won't be fixed as Creators Update is not officially available for Lumia 540 nor 535. Yes, the 535 is also affected.

    What I am going to try is update to feature2 builds, however, my device never was supported since first Windows 10 launch (10240) and the Insider Program usually doesn't work, even with registry hacks.

    For my surprise, I was able to get latest Insider build on Fast Ring. 15030, if I am recalling correctly. So far, the issue is gone! (+24 hours later).
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    07-20-2017 03:58 AM
  3. Pramod Phuyal's Avatar
    Since 540 is no more supported by CU. The phone also doesn't have the enough hardware required. Thus, black screen issue. I had a 540 set though. Problem arised in my too. So rolled back to anniversary update. Now works fine.
    07-29-2017 01:23 AM
  4. Rusiru Athukorala's Avatar
    i saw someone said i reset everything and now works fine then also im reset my phone lets see
    02-08-2018 12:18 AM
  5. Rusiru Athukorala's Avatar
    nope it didnt work i think i have to go anniversary update and i dont know to do that someone help me plz
    02-10-2018 01:15 AM

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