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    OK, on my HP X3 Elite I'm running 1709 - 10.0.15254.1. Over the past two days, there has been (evidently) some app update that's taken place and I'm getting just crazy battery life out of this device all-of-a-sudden! I'm not going to complain but this is a significant change. Along the lines of having a fully charged phone in the morning and by the end of my work day still seeing above 80% battery left. There have been a lot of app updates recently so I have no idea which app had that much of a significant change to warrant the huge battery life increase.

    And I've not changed how I use my phone... average discharge rate over the past two days shows 2.9 - 1.7% compared to 5 - 4.2% previous days.

    Could be the Outlook Mail app, who knows? I'm happy!
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    11-09-2017 11:55 AM

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