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    Now that HP discounted the Elite X3 to 399, I took a look at it and it is indeed the GSM version only with the Verizon version still very expensive at the Microsoft store. However I noticed in one of the footnotes for the specs, it says that Verizon 4G LTE is supported. So I'm working if that's actually the case or just a mistake? And if it is possible to activate the GSM version on Verizon, what should I expect Verizon service to be like without any 3G or 1xRTT CDMA support? Can I still send texts and make phone calls?
    12-22-2017 05:06 PM
  2. nate0's Avatar
    Take this how you will and FYI that if you even want to try it you are potentially looking at a lot of testing trial and error.

    I got a sim working from VZW in the gsm model once but my verizion sim was already activated in the Elite X3 VZ model. Yes I owned both at one time... I had previously interop unlocked the both Elite x3s for my own customizaions.

    Now I never took it far to test phone calls, messaging etc. because I had soon after that sold it (GSM Model) since I chose to keep the single sim model VZ variant. I also did not experiment like I wanted to to see if I could get it operable (phone and messaging). So from my perspective LTE Data was working ONLY. LTE bars showed and no APN autoconfigured in the Celluar settings etc...Actually I do not even know if LTE data was working.

    Even if you get the sim active the provisioning on the GSM model is custom for GSM carriers and the VZ model custom tailored for VZ. So I can assume you are looking at potentially these serveral things if you want to even attempt to get it working. I am willing to help you if you want but I have a feeling it is a dead end or could be very time consuming and might not be worth the time and effort just to save a some bucks.

    -You probably need an already activated VZ sim card
    -Possibly might need an IMEI from a VZW compatible Elite X3. for actively updating your account and VZ for the phone to work...
    -For better functionallity you need to interop unlock the GSM Elite X3 and move/replace the Phone/Sim provisioning files with those of the VZW Elite X3...then yet still nothing is guaranteed to work completely since stuff is also hard coded in other partitions of the phone that affect celluar and phone support.
    12-22-2017 05:33 PM
  3. nate0's Avatar
    I think with no 3G or 1xRTT CDMA you wil have difficutly doing calls from my perspective. Also IMS needs to be registered to VZ via the sim card ID for you get Phone/messaging over LTE correctly.
    12-22-2017 05:42 PM

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