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    Hey WPcentral,

    I tried to find two Apps I would love to have, but was not able to. I hope you can help me out here.

    So what do I need?

    I used to have all of my "high-prio" sites on my Opera Speed Dial screen. After starting to use Chrome I did the same with Speed-Dial extensions. Here is a screenshot from the web showing what I mean:


    So I would love to have this kind of bookmarks-system on my Surface 2. Because of the tiles on W8 it kind of fits all right as well... So do you know an App which would do that? I need something, which is capable of showing me a screenshot from the site on the tile/box. And, if possible, it should reload the pages after some time...

    My next help question is kind of a noob one, I guess... I browse through a LOT of pictures for my job (part of it is viewing and categorizing photographs and so on) and would love to do that sitting on my couch and not in front of my PC. So my Surface 2 comes in handy... the only thing is: I could not find an image viewing app which actually gives me the possibility to view my images on different drives (without the need to "import" them to a library or something like that) but just showing them (like on the desktop, but for touch) in folders and so on. And if I click on one of those it should open in full-screen (real full screen and not something like the one from metro commander). So I don't need anything fancy. Right now I use the explorer for going through my directories and use the "images" app for viewing particular pictures. It works fine, but using the explorer with my fingers is kind of...well... not the best way to do it :)

    Thanks a lot in advance!
    11-27-2013 10:29 AM
  2. Gergolos's Avatar

    I finally found some Apps dealing with my problem. Sadly they are not really awesome :(

    I found "Linxi Bookmarks" Linxi Bookmarks-App fr Windows in Windows Store and I have to admit: it kind of does what it should do.
    It lets you:
    -create your own "boxes" (folders) for your bookmarks
    -shows thumbnails (actually just a picture from the site)

    So basic functionality is ok... BUT:
    -you only have 50 bookmark-slots. If you need more you have to buy the pro edition and/or register/invite a friend for 100 more slots. (if the app was nice I would totally buy the pro version...)
    -it does not give you any real options/settings to change
    -the sites will be opened in the app first (you can just "navigate" that particular site. If you click on something you can not go back for example). If you want the site to be opened in IE, you have to click once more on a special button (could be handy for just checking whether there is something new or not. But for all the other possible scenarios: it is one more click you need to do...)
    -you can not move the thumbnails around
    -thumbnails are not really thumbnails (as said above, just images taken from the sites) and of course not being updated

    so yeah, I of course could use this App. It is better than nothing for sure! But as long as I did not copy all of my 200+ speed-dials one by one, I would like to be sure there is no other/better APP for this...

    So, please, give me some advice here :)

    ps: (I tried out some other apps, but Lixi was the best one I found)

    pps: Are there any better options online? I mean web based speed-dial sites I can use by just opening them on my surface (IE). I used Only2Clicks a bit, but it is quite buggy and does not really do more than Lixi... If online: I would need (!) the thumbnail option! Simple "logos" wont work for me :(
    12-04-2013 04:11 PM

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