1. swantonsoup's Avatar
    Has anyone heard any new news on whether or not they will be bringing Sunday Ticket to the 360? There was news of it coming to Roku, Apple TV, and other set-top devices. I haven't heard anything new since December of 2010.

    I really hope they bring it to the 360.
    06-27-2011 10:41 AM
  2. Vallos's Avatar
    This would be fantastic, as I would immediately get on top of that. However, how whould that work? Doesn't DirectTV have exclusive rights?
    06-27-2011 10:53 AM
  3. swantonsoup's Avatar
    Yeah, it would be through DirecTV. I think last year DirecTV allowed you to purchase Sunday Ticket To-Go (watch it online) even if you weren't a DirecTV subscriber. I was hoping they would bring that kind of functionality to Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, etc but its getting awfully close to the (potential) season.

    Maybe they're not making any announcements because of the lock-out.
    06-27-2011 12:32 PM