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    Right now, my entire family has Windows Phones. We like playing Carcassonne online against each other, but we want to personalize it and turn it into a 'virtual family game night.' Since my family also has other Windows devices (Surface RT or Windows laptops), I was thinking that even though we live in different states, we could bust out our Surfaces and laptops and do a 'family video chat' while also playing the games against each other on our Windows Phones. I then learned that Skype only allows group video chatting if you have a premium account. This was disappointing as I thought it would be free, but apparently only one person needs it to do group video chatting, and at only $5 per month, we could easily split the costs between us and do this, right?

    However, I'm also getting an Xbox One at launch and I remember reading about group video chatting via Skype on there. Does anyone know how this works? How many people? (Up to ten at a time like via Skype on other platforms?) Will it only be for other Skype users on Xbox One? Or will there be cross-platform support? That is, can I have Xbox One and do free group video chatting with my family members on their Surfaces and Windows laptops? Or would everyone need Xbox One (in which case, we'd just do the $5 a month thing above).
    07-10-2013 04:39 PM
  2. MerlotC's Avatar
    I don't know but would guess it works just like on any other device and would work across devices since it would be running on the win8 kernel.
    07-10-2013 10:02 PM
  3. Mystictrust's Avatar
    "Microsoft announced that Skype group calling, a premium Skype service, will now be included with all Xbox Live Gold Memberships and will cross over between devices such as your PC, Mac, and likely Windows Phone."

    It'll probably work just like Skype Premium does now for group calling, so if 10 is the limit now then it will probably be the same. It comes with a Gold membership, not just the Xbox One, so you'll be fine. If you pay the full $59.99 (but you know it can be found cheaper pretty much everywhere) then you can still have everybody split the $5 if you want. Then your family helps pay for your subscription :P
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    07-24-2013 05:52 PM

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