09-23-2013 12:32 AM
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    There are still limitations with that idea, though. You can't intelligently solve the problem by making the games handled primarily by the servers, IMO. It leaves too many people in the dark with offline play, so you still have that bottleneck of what the console itself can handle, since it has to (for at least one more generation) function offline. If they started making games require online solely in the name of graphical prowess, they'd have a crappy situation on their hands, like before.
    I wasn't really thinking "primarly" anyways, but there are a decent amount of taxing processes that could be offloaded from the console, allowing the console to boost graphics for example.

    But yeah, the offline crowd are the problem, I keep forgetting them cos I'm so much always online myself. The times when the power or internet cuts off here longer than a few hours top are so rare that I could just take the always-online requirement without blinking an eye, but I realize the situation is worse elsewhere.

    But it makes me wonder if the games could be made more like PC games with several graphic quality options? Online-mode could have a bit nicer graphics when some things are processed serverside and offline-gaming would just tone down the graphics a bit just like you can do on PC. Even outside the online/offline question I guess there could be the option of wanting more frames for less graphics or managing with less frames for prettier graphics, but that idea feels a bit meh for a console..
    09-23-2013 12:32 AM
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