1. Adam Croy's Avatar
    Just thought I would give everyone the heads up that Microsoft stores are now allowing the Xbox one game demo's at your local MS store. Ive been able to play trials of Forza 5, Kinect sports Rivals, Lococycle, Killer instinct, and a few others..

    Check your local store if you want to play.
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    11-06-2013 03:12 PM
  2. Adam Croy's Avatar
    11-06-2013 03:16 PM
  3. ncxcstud's Avatar
    Of course, my closest Microsoft Store is in Troy, MI just shy of 2 hours from where I am...
    11-06-2013 03:21 PM
  4. Coreldan's Avatar
    We have like none here :P
    11-06-2013 03:37 PM
  5. sinime's Avatar
    I might have to check out my local store in San Antonio... Did you happen to take those pics at La Cantera?
    11-06-2013 03:37 PM
  6. Adam Croy's Avatar
    Took them in San Diego, but called around to other stores and everyone I called had it on demo. A few friends from WA, CA, TX, and VA all went and played. I don't think anyone knows yet, there wasn't a long line and have not seen it on WPcentral, The Verge, Gizmodo, or Endgadget.
    11-06-2013 03:41 PM
  7. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    Roughly 90 minutes to the nearest Microsoft Store (St. Louis). I want it, but I can't have it.
    11-06-2013 04:06 PM
  8. sinime's Avatar
    IDK why it won't let me post a picture right now... I deleted my post from yesterday because apparently Tapatalk compress uploaded pics to the point where they are almost useless:(

    Anyhow, was at my local MS store and couldn’t get on the Xbox One cause there a couple of kids that wouldn’t get off of it for over 30 min. I guess their parents dropped them off there as a day care??? I wasn’t impressed by the graphics on Killer Instinct. There were jaggies on all the edges of the characters and anything that was small and intricate. After scouring the web, looking at screen shots, I can’t help but wonder if someone set the output of the One to something like 720 or 480, if it will even let you do that, cause the screen shots I’ve seen are night and day difference to what I saw in the store.
    11-12-2013 11:22 AM

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