1. Paul Nicholas's Avatar
    Hello everyone,
    Just got the June update for my x1, and I was hoping it could use the tvs inbuilt freeview but it requires an HDMI input from a box.

    Has anybody got it working with their box and if so what brand is it? I can't find a list of brands that it's compatible with. It does say Sky, BT and Virgin boxes though.

    Can you also tell me if the xbox is smart enough so if you said "Go to BBC 1" it does go there.
    05-26-2014 12:56 PM
  2. Polychrome's Avatar
    Sorry if this isn't about your exact cable box, but bear with me here.

    The Xbox One controls the cable box over infrared, and it handles most if not all brands. The Kinect sends the signal bouncing over the living room, and the channel changes, the picture pauses, whatever you're looking for at the time. It can also be set to power your stereo or tv on or off when the Xbox is told to do the same.

    The HDMI input is just to display the picture and will accept nearly anything, including switchboxes. However not every technology passes through. For example, 3D doesn't pass through (tried it). I don't know if any "control over hdmi" technologies pass through.

    Once your Xbox has your channel list downloaded (you select this at startup) you only have to say "Xbox, watch (insert channel name here)". You'll see your cable box come up on the screen, and you'll see the channel numbers being entered into it as if you were doing it with a remote control.

    So far controlling your DVR recording or selecting one to watch is done entirely from the cable box and requires its original remote, but there's been some hints that they'll implement an actual DVR onto the Xbox in the future.
    05-27-2014 01:20 PM

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