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    I don't know if it's my Xbox One or what. It's crazy is all I can say. Let me see if any of you are experiencing the same problem or if my system is the culprit.

    This evening I was watching trailers for the newly released movies. I first started with Non-Stop and Jack Ryan as they were the two I was interested in purchasing. The audio was screwy. I wasn't getting much from the center channel. Voices were coming out of my right speaker. I watched the trailer to Pompeii, Robocop and 3 Days to Kill with the same result.

    I thought maybe it was an issue with the trailers so I purchased Non-Stop and Jack Ryan (should have just purchased one to test) thinking the full movie would not have the problem. No go. They did.

    Thinking it could be a problem with Xbox Video I launched the VuDu application and watched the same trailers with the same result.

    I did a hard reset not only with my receiver, but with the Xbox One and went through the same scenarios above. Nothing changed.

    Next, I pulled up past video purchases (Home Front, The Mortal Instruments, Captain America, Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, etc.). Odd! The audio on all these were fine.

    So...I fired up my Oppo Blu-ray player and tried a few Blu-rays. Audio once again was perfect. I launched the VuDu application on the Oppo player and the trailers mentioned above worked fine. Audio had no issues.

    I then tried several Blu-rays in the Xbox One with no issues.

    I'm thoroughly confused. :)

    Would anyone else with a surround sound setup verify if they are having any problems like this?

    I tried DTS and Dolby Digital. That didn't correct anything.
    05-27-2014 11:21 PM

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