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    Xbox User Voice suggestion: vote here.

    I love Kinect games--really been enjoying Xbox Fitness, really looking forward to Fru, Dance Central Spotlight, and Disney Fantasia this fall, and will pick up Kinect Sports Rivals when it goes on sale. In addition to fully Kinect games such as those, I also like Kinect integration into other games, like calling out to lure zombies in Dead Rising 3, or peering around corners in Tomb Raider, or recording original animated gestures in Project Spark, etc. That said, it's too difficult to find out which games have Kinect integration and which do not when perusing games in the digital Xbox One store. Thus, I've created a User Voice suggestion asking Microsoft to create a Kinect Games section that filters out non-Kinect games so users can more easily browse Kinect games. I've coupled this suggestion with one that creates a similar filter for games with SmartGlass integration, which I also enjoy. If you feel the same way, please vote for my suggestion in the link above. Gracias.
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