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    Just got back from the shops with a white Xbox One for my wife as an extra Xmas present, this is a joint present from me and my lad, it looks really good and will go nicely on the white bedroom furniture, it came with Sunset Overdrive, my wife will have no interest in this so it will be installed on my lads Xbox One and because my Xbox One is his "Home" Xbox One, I will also get it installed on mine (I like this arrangement).

    So three Xbox Ones in our house now, it may sound like overkill but my wife isn't a tech person at all, she currently has her TV hooked up to a Humax freeview recorder with two remote controls and she has never figured out how to record anything, if she presses the wrong button I have to go in and sort it out. I already have the Xbox One TV dongle.

    Now we have one control and one interface across all devices, she can listen to music, look at all her photographs via OneDrive, watch TV, watch catch up TV services like BBC iPlayer, order pizza and even play the odd game if she was so inclined (She may like the simple games, but won't ever want to play GTA or stuff like that).

    Spoiling her this year as I had already got her an 830 to replace her 520 and with SmartGlass all set up she can control it all with ease (And a bit more training, but nothing compared to showing her how things work that aren't all running Windows).
    12-06-2014 05:37 AM

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