1. Jonathan Dollison's Avatar
    As seen on our front page! http://www.windowscentral.com/inaugu...d-theft-auto-v

    Since this is our first time doing this competition we wanted to make it big. So, this week we will have two winners! So here's what we want from you. This week we're looking for your best clip of Grand Theft Auto: V on the Xbox One. We want you to submit your clip of either your most epic moment from the game or your best epic fail. That being said you can only submit one!

    The contest starts as soon as you read this post and all entries must be submitted by Friday, March 20 at 11:59 p.m. (PST). Winners will be announced (with their winning clip) in next week's contest post is up.

    The Prize

    Since we have two winners this week we, wanted each winner to walk away with their own unique prize. So we have (1) copy of Ori and the Blind Forest to give away while the other winner will walk away with (1) copy of ScreamRide. Remember you can only submit one entry. That means if you submit an epic moment clip, you cannot submit and epic fail clip.

    Contest Rules

    - Entry must be submitted to the corresponding forum post which you can access, here.
    - Video must be submitted via link from XboxClips.com
    - You must have used a valid email address to register here at Windows Central, so I know how to contact the winner
    - ONLY one entry per week per person
    - If we have reason to believe the content isn't yours, we will contact the gamertag via XBL for verification.


    XboxClips.com is an easy way for you to share your clips without you going through the hassle of uploading them to OneDrive or whatnot. In order to access your clips, simply go to xboxclips.com/(your gamertag here). For example, I access my clips at xboxclips.com/kiddj55. Once your clips is selected, you can choose the embed button under details to copy and past that embed link into our forums.

    Good luck and have fun! But most importantly, don't forget to say "Xbox, record that!"
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    03-17-2015 03:53 PM
  2. TwoClipz's Avatar
    Spooky head out of a Hearse glitch! GTA Online

    03-17-2015 05:43 PM
  3. onysi's Avatar
    03-17-2015 06:41 PM
  4. bobsentell's Avatar
    Hit a parked car while airborne causing me to do a barrel roll but I managed to stick the landing and keep going as if nothing happened. http://xboxclips.com/CommadoreBob/23...2-ed2329fdb4d1
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    03-17-2015 07:12 PM
  5. michileno514's Avatar
    Cannot post my link because au have less than 10 comments. The hell!
    03-17-2015 08:10 PM
  6. ahmadsamhann's Avatar
    Cannot post my link because au have less than 10 comments. The hell!
    remove http://. just use xboxclips.com
    03-17-2015 09:03 PM
  7. negativezero1's Avatar
    I find XboxDVR.com to be much better than XboxClips. Could you update your article and post to accept clips from them as well?
    03-18-2015 06:38 PM
  8. noeem's Avatar
    The Perfect Crime
    03-19-2015 02:22 AM
  9. ncxcstud's Avatar
    Cheaters never prosper Noeem... ;)
    03-19-2015 02:51 PM
  10. Arsenic17's Avatar
    At least the skyscrapers in GTA at plane proof :P

    03-20-2015 02:43 PM
  11. TheBanjomatic's Avatar
    I probably had this coming:

    03-20-2015 02:48 PM
  12. Wael Hasno's Avatar

    I wanted to post an XboxClips URL but this video is a few days old and XboxClips doesn't keep an extended history of my clips. Xbox DVR is much more advanced. It's up to you if you wish to accept this video or not, I'm just saying there's no reason why you shouldn't.

    I am Wael90 and I recorded this with my friend, Valaith. He was trying to crash into me with a plane.. Ended up giving me an epic high five.

    Thanks and good luck everyone.
    Last edited by Wael Hasno; 03-21-2015 at 09:12 AM.
    03-20-2015 03:02 PM
  13. Hokenweazen's Avatar
    Just a scratch from this accident.

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    03-20-2015 03:22 PM
  14. The Hurricane22's Avatar

    My friends and I really enjoy the new Hasta La Vista Mode. My friend almost made it to the end, however he decided he couldn't make it and somehow as he's jumping off the bridge the truck hits next to him and he gets launched. Was pretty funny.
    03-20-2015 03:40 PM
  15. JudaZuk's Avatar
    Wrong place, at the wrong time, this player get hit right in the face by my car :)

    03-20-2015 03:46 PM
  16. Jonathan Dollison's Avatar
    How about just sharing the URL since the embed code isn't working
    03-20-2015 03:55 PM
  17. Brian Farkas's Avatar
    Was beings chased by the cops at the airport and tried to go off the ramp to get away from three right on top of me. Did a complete flip and landed perfectly on top of the parking garage, drove down a level and out of sight,

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    03-20-2015 04:17 PM
  18. josh_feinberg's Avatar
    So I came back to the page and my post isn't showing. So I'll try again.

    I call this epic fail "Good Samaritan in hot pursuit and then..."

    XboxClips | UCFknighthood playing Grand Theft Auto V
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    03-20-2015 04:39 PM
  19. SpunkForRobots's Avatar
    I was able to create the best gif out of this one:
    XboxClips | hoytler23 playing Grand Theft Auto V
    03-20-2015 05:09 PM
  20. Valradius's Avatar
    Worst spawn ever:
    03-20-2015 05:48 PM
  21. Valaith's Avatar
    Me in a car vs. Wael in a plane. This time i win.
    03-21-2015 07:54 AM

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