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    I've always owned both Playstations and XBOXes. Picked up an PS3 a year after release just to play with some friends - good times. When the next gens came, XB1 was the better choice after a rough start and I'm trying to get them to convert. A couple of them already got their PS4s and they're trying to get me back in the Sony camp. Here are some of my reasons I give them to consider:

    • Trade the PS3, buy the XB1 Halo MC bundle w/Microsoft Store $50 GC and this week's any disc game for free $350-$100-$50 GC-$60 Game for an effective total of $140. That's almost enough to buy XBL for a year with the GC, an excellent Halo compilation and Battlefield Hardline.
    • XB1 preview program perks of playing early access games
    • SmartGlass is useful for everything but gaming, but I've seen some games use it now
    • Bing Points to earn free XBL since we're all too busy these days
    • Hololens
    • Miracast support + DLNA

    Now that PSN requires a subscription unlike what was on the PS3, there's just no reason for me to pick up the PS4 and it's kinda leveled the playing field in terms of the previously complaint that XBL subscription was required to play online. So despite what I think are pretty compelling reasons why they should just make the switch, they just can't seem to do it which is why we still see so many PS4 sales. What are the real and compelling reasons to stay on PS? Even they can't articulate it and it's almost the same kind of irrationale that iPhone users exhibit in my opinion. Well, one of them is a Japanese guy and they're almost nonconvertible. What gives tho?
    06-23-2015 05:51 PM
  2. dkp23's Avatar
    don't it is pointless effort. People will choose what they want to choose.
    06-24-2015 11:40 AM

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