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    I was hoping someone would be able to clarify the DRM surround shows and movies bought from the Store. I purchased The Walking Dead season pass through the Store app in Windows 10 and download the available episodes. I was thinking I would be able to copy them to an external drive and play them on my Xbox One though the Media Player app, but when I try the app will sit at a blank screen and won't the episodes at all. So I'm thinking this is a DRM issue, so I try using VLC and Windows Media Player on my PC to play the episodes. Nope, get an error in both of those applications. The only application that actually plays the episodes is Films & TV on my PC. So is this the norm for shows and movies purchased through the store? I know I can just stream the episodes through Films & TV on my Xbox One, but I prefer offline playback.
    11-30-2015 03:51 PM

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