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    Hey all,

    I was a day one owner of the Xbox one, that shiny box on release day. Over all, I love my Xbox one (for the record, I like it better than my PS4 but, I still enjoy the PS4).

    I was always in to modding systems for years, now that the warranty on my Xbox one is LONG GONE and if needed one could be found for around $200-250, or even in the used market for $100-175 range (ebay, Pawn shops, etc).

    So, I way toying with the idea of dropping in a 2tb drive (largest available for the 2.5" size and about $100-130) and it would remove the bigger USB 3.0 drive sitting out side of my Xbox one, that is now almost out of space... There are plenty of ways to do this, drop old drive and new drive on a PC, use a Linux based script and copy all data over to the new drive. Over all, it does not sound like a very hard process to do.... no mods on this upgrade...(cant be banned from xbox live, etc)

    Anyone else getting the "itch" to do any mods ?
    12-01-2015 06:12 PM

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