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    Hi guys,

    Bought my 950 from the UK event last week, am really enjoying the phone after having a 800, then a 1020, however I've this bug on my 950, hoping if someone has experienced this they have a fix for it...

    I'm not receiving any Xbox app toasts for notifications/achievements etc.

    Version: 1511
    OS build: 10.0.10586.0
    Firmware revision number: 01078.00017.15452.59014

    I've tried both the Xbox app 11.11.19012.00000 and the Xbox (beta) app 11.12.3017.00000. Achievements unlock and sync with the app and Xbox Live. I've tried soft resets and hard resets, no joy.
    12-07-2015 09:20 AM
  2. dKp1977's Avatar
    Have you checked if banners/notifications are enabled for the Xbox app? To do so head into settings -> System -> notifications and infos.
    12-07-2015 09:32 AM
  3. Pete's Avatar
    I'm getting notifications on mine just fine. I was getting a few awards for playing Tomb Raider on my Xbox and they were popping up as notifications on the phone a few seconds later.
    12-07-2015 09:35 AM
  4. pa8al's Avatar
    Thought I'd sign in and reply back :)

    Hmmm, don't have Xbox or Xbox (Beta) there, only have Alarms & Clock, Messaging, Outlook Mail and WhatsApp
    12-07-2015 09:48 AM
  5. pa8al's Avatar
    Updated the 950 to 10586.29 last night, issue resolved.
    12-08-2015 08:06 AM

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