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    I wanted to purchase Minecraft Story Mode, for my son.
    The game is rated for 10+ and his account settings are for 13+.
    I wanted to purchase it, under his account, so that he could play it anywhere (not just our home system).

    First of all, I couldn't even find the game on the Xbox One.
    A search for Minecraft didn't display a single game (some music, apps, etc..., but no games).
    I went to xbox.com, signed in with his account, searched for the game, and tried to buy it.
    It said that it can't be bought with child to teen accounts.
    Assuming that was why I couldn't find it, on the Xbox, I signed in with my account and still couldn't find it.
    I ended up logging into xbox.com, and purchasing it, with my account.
    That isn't how I wanted to do it.
    It, certainly, shouldn't be that hard to purchase a game.
    12-21-2015 11:58 PM

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