1. lewisdzim's Avatar
    I am contemplating getting the next gen gaming console so want to find out two things that are make or break for me.
    Firstly, is it possible to use either the ps4 or Xbox one as a media hub, that is to store music, photos and movies offline. I mean content that u have copied from an external hard drive or flash drive like I would do on my ps3.
    Secondly if playing offline only which console would be ideal? I live in an area of weak internet connection.
    12-23-2015 11:47 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    Wouldn't really matter. I find Xbox to be more for media and more social. PS4 more for the power and graphics. Offline, but perform about the same. Online, there is a difference. I play on both and most of my buddies are on Xbox and on occasions I play with a few other buddies on PS4 and the difference is noticeable for me.

    Will you be using them for gaming? If so, what games are you in to? Halo? That's for Xbox only. Uncharted? PS only. Make a list of games and reasons for needing a next gen console.
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    12-24-2015 01:50 AM
  3. lewisdzim's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback, I'll take it into consideration. I want more than just gaming, like a home theatre where I can store files offline for media consumption.
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    12-24-2015 05:33 AM
  4. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    I actually don't know about local media storage. If I remember, I'll try it later with a flash drive. I don't think either can rip CD, but I'll see if I can transfer files to my Xbox One. The problem I expect is that the console formats a drive when you first plug it in, so it's probably a file system that differs from PC-based Windows 10, potentially making it impossible to transfer from PC to console (and vice versa, to prevent piracy).

    For playing offline, you're kind of in trouble either way. Launch-day patches are expected in this day and age, so some games won't run until you've patched them online. As for generally playing offline, you'd be fine with either. Destiny (both consoles) and Titanfall (XBO only) are the only ones I know of that requires a constant Internet connection, though Battlefront might as well (again, both consoles).

    The deciding factor should ALWAYS be about what you like to play. The Xbox One will be better for shooters and racing, while the PS4 will be better for action games and RPGs, as always.
    12-24-2015 10:25 AM
  5. Div D's Avatar
    As for the first time launch for the Xbox One, can we download the patch in a drive and load it up?

    Div D

    Commented via Windows Central for Android
    12-24-2015 10:29 AM
  6. Div D's Avatar
    I rarely have network

    Div D

    Commented via Windows Central for Android
    12-24-2015 10:30 AM

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