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    I've been thinking about it for months now, but finally after speculation over a PS4.5 and owning a Dell XPS 12 (2013) and Lumia 640, I'm almost ready to say &%^! it and get an Xbox One. Most of my gaming is on the PC, but I'm starting to miss the simplicity of console gaming. I don't need the power of a ps4, I don't have enough time for final fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, and I'm tired of Sony in general. What I want is a good multimedia machine that just happens to play games, (cross buy definitely is a bonus).

    But do I really NEED one? After all, I have a gaming PC with an R9 280x, i5 3570k, and 16gb of Ram. Looking on Craigslist, I've found some deals for $150. And technically I could list my Ipad Mini that I never use for trade. The Xbox One is definitely an impulse buy, but would you recommend waiting till E3?

    Regarding games, I've never played through Halo, except for parts with friends. Rare Replay looks cool, but I have passing memories of Banjo Kazooie, (not exactly my childhood). Xbox Fitness looks really compelling, yet I always feel like Microsoft could drop support tomorrow. I would definitely spend the most time with Forza 6, yet Apex is coming to PC.

    So what should I do? Or do I really already know the answer?
    04-03-2016 12:49 AM

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