1. James Auman's Avatar
    A few questions about the XBOX One X.

    1. Does anyone know what comes in the XBOX One X box?
    2. Does it have a cable to attach to a regular 1080p TV? Is that the same cable you would use if you had a 4K TV? or do you have to get a different cable?
    3. How many controllers do you get?
    4. Is the XBOX One X controller the exact same controller as the XBOX One controller? or did they upgrade it some?
    5. Are there any NEW accessories that were built with the XBOX One X in mind?
    6. Is the Kinect USB adapter compatible with the XBOX One X (on the box it doesn't list that console - it just lists the XBOX One S, and PC's).
    11-04-2017 10:56 AM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    1 - all the standard stuff that the xbox one came with
    2 - yes - HDMI
    3 - 1
    4 - yes (except mine has the Project Scorpio signage)
    5 - not that I know of
    6 - yup (it's an Xbox One X with upgraded specifications)
    11-07-2017 07:52 PM
  3. Keyan06's Avatar
    1 - Foam blocks, some cardboard inner boxes, some ad materials for xbox game pass, a quick how to plug it in guide, a standard two prong power cable, HDMI cable, one controller, and AA batteries.

    4. It's the 3rd generation standard Xbox One Controller. It is the kind with the textured grip, headphone jack, single piece face plate, and bluetooth for use on a PC. Also has improved range when used with Xbox One S or X vs the Gen 1 or 2 controllers.
    11-14-2017 11:24 AM

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