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    Maybe my definition or expectation of a sync is askew? IN my old Palm T3/ Treos/ Centro And Palm Pre days when I synced the device what was changed on the device would change on the PC and what was changed on the PC would change on the device. AUTOMATICALLY!

    Tell the PC and device who was who and what I wanted to sync at the original set up and then anytime I connected - either via a cradle, cable or wirelessly - the two would exchange information.

    Zune is NOT cooperating and is NOT syncing. Oh sure it SAYS it is syncing, but when I view the device - I STILL have items (photos) on the device that I have moved to a different folder on the PC. The original folder on the device ( which is named identically) is NOT reflecting the changes!

    Do I REALLY have to grab and drag every last folder to the PC icon EVERY last time I connect to sync?

    And whats up with wireless syncing requiring the phone to be "plugged in" to a power source? Kinda wipes out the "WIRELESS" doesn't it? And why on earth would I need to be plugged in for up to 15 minutes before the wireless syncing even starts? And furthermore - why does wireless syncing ALWAYS always stall? It has NEVER fully synced! Got up to 71% once, then after two hours I disconnected and synced via USB cable to the PC, but STILL the folders do NOT reflect each other!

    What gives?
    12-15-2011 04:01 AM
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    Most things are not like they were on our old Treos and other devices -most of this is good, some is less good or unfortunate. Have you checked you Zune sync settings? I have my pictures setting on manual because I do not want pictures syncing, but this may be what you want. I see you have 67 posts, so you've been around: was syncing working well for you before?

    Wireless syncing works fine for me without any connection or hesitation, although I usually have it off because it actually syncs continuously without a prompt and I figure this affects battery life significantly. That 15-minute requirement may have been on the first-try sync -I don't recall such a wait. There may be a setting for this as well, but I haven't checked. Good luck getting all this working to your liking -you will... ;)
    12-16-2011 06:46 PM
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    I put photos on auto, because I'll edit them on the PC and then move them to appropriate folders. When syncing I expect the changes to update "automatically". What's the point of a sync if I have to drag every folder individually?
    For instance i photograph my horse and one of my ferrets using the Arrive. Since i can't edit the file name or move the photo to any folders on the Arrive i will do a sync. The photos of course appear in the camera roll. After editing on the PC I'll save the edited pics to their respective folders on the PC. The next sync should then reflect these changes, right? But it does not! Even if on the PC I delete the original photo from camera roll, they still show up on the device!

    The Treo syncs would allow you to choose which device trumped the other regarding changes, or to choose sync which meant they mirrored each other.

    My palm Centro and pre allowed me to edit the filenames on the device too.
    I don't need 1,000 WP__### photos to dig through. I label my photos by subject name and date code them so there is grouping as well as chronology.

    We can't use these WP7 as USB devices so I'm forced to use Zune to sync. But it is NOT syncing.

    I don't subscribe to music sites, I've loaded my music and have it set to items i choose. Photos are dynamic so those are set to auto.

    Also went to settings and photos videos on left and changed to delete from phone after transferring to PC.

    Exited from Zune. Disconnected. Reconnected and synced again, but still no change in the photos on the device. All the photos in camera roll are still there! No new folders added as I had added on the PC then moved photos to the new folders.
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