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    I've recently noticed a problem with ZunePass on my Focus, and I don't see any other threads about it, so I'm hoping it's not just me.

    Seems the Pass just isn't working from time to time. I'll go into Zune on the phone, search for a particular band, and when I hit Smart DJ, I get a message that it can't put together a mix based on that band because there's not enough information. Ok.

    So then I go to that bands list of albums, and try to listen to one, and all I get is 30 sec bits of songs. It's basically like I don't have a Zune Pass, but I do, it's up to date, and this only happens from time to time for no apparent reason.

    I used it this morning around 9am-ish, and it worked fine. Tried it later after lunch...didn't work anymore. Now it's fine again. This isn't the first time this has happened either.

    If I can't figure this out I may have to just cancel ZunePass and stick with Spotify.

    Any thoughts?
    03-30-2012 07:41 PM
  2. Matthew Mazzenga's Avatar
    Wow. Nobody? This is unsettling. :(

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    03-31-2012 10:27 AM
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    Don't use Zune on my phone that often, but I believe this did happen to me (getting the 30 second preview) a few weeks back. Don't remember what I did, but may have restarted the phone. Seems that occasionally it forgets who you are. Maybe you (or we) can zero in on the circumstances, like maybe not using it for X days, or running over 3G, WiFi, etc. That may help.

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    03-31-2012 10:52 AM
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    Have you recently synced your Zune with multiple computers? Maybe it accidentally got changed to a guest account. Open up your Zune software on the PC and go to Settings. Check to see if your phone is listed under approved devices.
    03-31-2012 12:34 PM
  5. Matthew Mazzenga's Avatar
    Restarting the phone usually fixes it, but I shouldn't really have to do that. When it happened yesterday I did check and make sure I was not listed as a guest account. I'll just have to do some experimenting like jimski said. Thanks guys.
    03-31-2012 01:44 PM
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    I have experienced this only momentarily when I first access the Marketplace. My most common access of the Maketplace on the phone is through the Bing music-search when I hear something playing somewhere -mostly in a favorite book store. When it finds it, I click on go-to-Marketplace, and I initially may see "buy" on albums and tracks rather than "download" (this also signals your ability to listen to an entire track or album, rather than just segments). But, again, this limitation is only momentary (< 10 seconds), and I believe only on the initial access. Just Sunday, I downloaded several tracks on several discrete accesses while browsing some audio mags at a Barnesandtheotherguy store.

    Sounds like an account issue. I'd encourage you to try the chat help discussed in a recent thread below. That support should be able to clear up your issue easily and quickly regardless of what it involves. Good luck and be patient -that is, unless you're already poised to move to a free-service mode anyway. I just renewed my annual subscription: for me, it's like Porsche -there is no substitute. ;)

    edit of first paragraph, 7 April: actually, what I see for a moment- is "not available", before it changes to "download" in under 5 seconds.
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    04-03-2012 12:28 PM