1. MattLFC's Avatar
    Does anyone else think Zune is one of the most awful programs ever created? Microsoft imho, need to ditch it, or at least release some sort of alternative for the PC, like they have for the mac.

    Imho, Zune is bloated (I mean it takes the same amount of time to load as Photoshop on my Sandy Bridge i5 with 8GB RAM - which isn't long granted, but applications like this should fire up instantly without delay), it makes use of fancy effects, which do nothing but wreck the overall user experience (okay to a new user/total n00b, they may be like "wow" but even then, they will soon become sick to death of the fancy crap just making every action more tedious and longer to perform), and the whole system/interface for syncing with your phone, just seems, well awful to be blunt.

    Whoever told Microsoft that Zune is good, must have been taking the pi$$ for sure. I love Windows Phone, but the sooner they scrap Zune, the better imho, it is just about the most awful piece of software of its kind I have ever used - I hate iTunes with a passion, but I have to say, Zune is even worse, and even more cumbersome, and generally a useless piece of software.

    They should seriously just go back to drag and drop as with WinMo... this doesn't have to treat the device like a removable drive, just a simple, non-bloat-ware piece of software that does what is required. Nice of Zune/Microsoft to, yet again, try and dictate my life, and change all the DLL's so all my media files open in Zune as opposed to my normal players such as VLC and Winamp 2, both of which, are instant and don't sit there thinking about what they're doing to 2 minutes before they will play anything/let you close them down.

    Microsoft sure seem to want to kill Windows Phone in some respects...
    04-17-2012 11:45 PM
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    Well I will admit that Zune is somewhat bloated, but the interface is actually not so bad. And compared to iTunes, which I had the displease to use with an AirPort Express (the only Apple produce I have ever owned), it is lightning fast.

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    04-18-2012 12:05 AM
  3. MattLFC's Avatar
    I guess I just don't like/see the need for all the fancy graphics etc, and the interface could be so much simpler to use. It seems to be Microsoft's way now though, looks over practicality (the lack of a taskbar on Win8 is plain stupidity, making the user slide through every task they have open to get to the one they want - I often have 10+ tasks running on my taskbar at once).

    Also, Zune on the phone itself is missing both landscape mode and a scrollbar as there was within Windows Media Player on WinMo... Quite a startling omission imho!!

    04-18-2012 07:31 PM