04-28-2016 10:27 AM
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  1. eddieDOTexe's Avatar
    I REALLY miss my 32gig Zune HD I had since launch day..
    06-16-2013 11:59 PM
  2. bguy_1986's Avatar
    I've got a 32gb. Use it everyday
    06-20-2013 01:32 PM
  3. Highdefjunkie's Avatar
    No doubt the most underrated product MS ever release. So, so ahead of it's time. OLED screen? Really a shame it was a failure. For kicks I looked at youtube and I forgot how good it was. It was beautiful. Battery life was insane the screen was crazy good and still holds up today. Such a shame, but at least it lead the way to what metro is today. Hard to believe this little device with a loyal following that failed would be the blueprint to what MS is today. Crazy if you really step back and think about it.
    06-28-2013 08:14 PM
  4. TrophyNostalgia's Avatar
    Yep! I am always using my Zune HD 32 GB wherever I go.
    My father has my original Zune 8GB
    Considering buying a used Zune 120 GB online to get more space for my music.

    Zune is one of the few brands that I was loyally attached to and I was so sad when they discontinued it. I simply cannot use iTunes no matter how much I want to, and now I'm forced to use a confusing patchwork of music services. Xbox Music is far behind Zune's glory and nothing else seems to work perfectly with my music collection. For now I cling to Zune's fading glory on my laptop.
    07-08-2013 09:23 PM
  5. AndyD33's Avatar
    Still use my 16GB Zune HD pretty much everytime I'm in the car. I have the car adapter and listen to it over the radio!
    11-21-2013 06:40 PM
  6. Jose_Rey's Avatar
    I use my 64 GB HD on a Daily basis and am also grandfathered with the 10 song credits. I'm willing to bet the majority of people that have "XBOX MUSIC" are Zune Pass Subscribers. I say this as they still haven't fully kicked us out of the ZUNE MARKETPLACE!

    So, thank you all that have fought the good fight. Hopefully when the ol' Marketplace goes down for good, we get those 10 song credits on the new one. If not... it was ... a pleasure being part of this group ;)
    11-23-2013 09:29 PM
  7. RyanJSG's Avatar
    I still have my 16GB Zune HD. It's black and is in almost perfect condition. :). I currently have 10GB of it full of Cradle of Filth, Slipknot, Dimmu Borgir, Eminem, In Flames, and Insomnium.
    11-30-2015 05:01 PM
  8. RTGent's Avatar
    It's fun and funny to see this old thread revived, reading what I used and did 2.5 years ago. Well, my 10-songs-included deal was finally retired last month, and I've been transitioned to an annual Groove Music Pass. MSFT refunded 7 months that were left on my great plan, and gave me a free 3 months of Groove. I DO still use my 32 and 64HDs, plus, for the 2-year interim and continuing, a Zune 80. The 32 has only some owned music and Audible books on it, and I mostly ignore it. The 64 can not-quite accommodate my now mature Collection, but I do still use it almost daily. The 80 is actually my favorite because it can take it all, and because I find the controls actually easiest to operate even though it isn't touch. This is especially appreciated on the road; it has been my favorite car-travel device for a couple of years. I just barely touch the directional pad and I can see what is playing.

    I've been using a Lumia 1020 for a couple of years, with its inadequate 32gb limit; that is the main reason I traveled with the 80 connected. I now have the 950 which gives me back the expandability and replaceable battery of my old Focus, and this will probably be my main travel device now. The 80, otherwise, has been almost permanently connected to my Nakamichi stereo system in the living room-with its own cable charger- since I got it 2 years ago. It is, by far, the most common way I use my Nak.

    I am also happy to report that, although I can no longer stream music through Zune desktop -as of this month, I can still download music, and most importantly, Zune does still sync my 64 and 80 players, including still renewing the DRM on all my downloaded Pass music -that is as of a couple of days ago. I'm sure that being a Groove subscriber now has everything to do with that.

    Enjoy the music, regardless; but especially on your Zunes!
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    12-03-2015 11:20 AM
  9. Bbeelzebub's Avatar
    I've got 2 Zunes and 2 iPods. I never really liked the iPods but <3 <3 <3 my Zunes. That Zune HD is still beautiful to look at. That being said...... Once I got an Android phone, the Zune became a fossil and just sits and looks pretty.

    If there had been headhunt integration or at least bluetooth, I'd still be rocking it. I miss that sleek interface.
    01-16-2016 09:02 PM
  10. Skulls138's Avatar
    I still use mine daily! Never had to replace a thing. :)
    RTGent likes this.
    01-16-2016 09:17 PM
  11. Generalheed's Avatar
    I still have my Zune HD but seldom use it unless I'm on a long trip and need to save battery life on my Windows Phone (now Galaxy S6 until a new windows phone comes to Verizon). That being said, I still think the Zune HD is the best portable music player out there and its hardware was really ahead of its time and still stacks up relatively well to modern smartphones.
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    02-02-2016 01:29 PM
  12. Steve Adams's Avatar
    I don't have a HD........yet. As long as I can load music from my downloads via zune software, I will have one. I do have 3 8gb zune players, a red, green and blue. The green and blue are both the artist series with engraving on the back panel. sound is fantastic, interface is stellar and battery life is amazing.
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    02-02-2016 04:41 PM
  13. BlueEchoes's Avatar
    I am calling my Lumia 640 phone my Zune player now. I owned a Zune right when it came out, and now I am using that phone as my player (not using it as a phone). Was thinking of painting the back brown.
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    02-04-2016 07:36 AM
  14. xxxthebxxx's Avatar
    I'm gonna be the guy to revive this thread again, but I'm still using Zune and I love it! My Christmas gift back in 2008 was a Zune 8 player, and I used that for whenever I listened to music daily for several years.

    Finally, in 2014, it filled up to the point where I had to only keep select songs on it, so a quick trip to Ebay and I purchased a Zune 30 that was years older than my 8. I'm listening to it as I write this now, and even with all my music loaded it still has 15 GB remaining! It'll be years until I upgrade again.

    I realize Zune never really sold as well as the iPod, but still, I don't understand why Microsoft continues to re-invent their music offering. I've had Zune on every PC I've owned, from Vista to Windows 10 today, and I love how easily it loads all my music and lets me edit details. Syncing couldn't be easier, either. I probably use the desktop software more than my player these days! It was well ahead of its time, and hope it stays supported on PCs in the future.
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    03-31-2016 11:06 PM
  15. 1shado1's Avatar
    Still have 3 Zune HD (16, 32, 64GB), two flash Zunes (red 4GB, blue 8GB). Also have a black 30GB, and a red 30GB, but I replaced the original drive with an 80GB. Use them on a rotational basis, a different one almost every day. As much as I love the HD Zunes, the red 30 with the 80GB drive is still my favorite. The chunky form factor seems to fit best in my hand. Also have the Altec Lansing M604 speaker dock, as well as the Kicker ZK500 speaker dock.
    RTGent likes this.
    04-12-2016 10:39 PM
  16. IIDXholic's Avatar
    Still rocking my WW edition 32GB. Even though it shuts off every now and then, I still love seeing that bar load up =D. I have a 64GB one but it fired in the sun =(
    04-28-2016 10:27 AM
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