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    check this out

    I found this on youtube, but it's a concept.

    I guess iOS users are getting bored with their old interface
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    I like that concept. I like that it makes the icons functional. It would be great if the larger live tiles on WP8 were functional where you could expand the settings to tap bluetooth or wifi as that concept shows.
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    Looks like an exact copy of WP8.
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    Its by max rudberg, he's really famous for his concepts. And yes, he even stated the idea of inspired by a mix of windows phone and, I think, android widgets. Nonetheless apple would never include it, since such a drastic change to the system would be in high contrast to their continuity.
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    It's like Windows, I mean the real Windows before Microsoft went all Metro at us, with open windows that have different functions, just in a given grid.

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