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  1. jabz9's Avatar

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    I just ordered The HTC 8X phone (T-Mobile)

    is there anything i should be warned about like problems or such?
    What accessories(cases or anything else) should i look into also?

    My Radar did me justice, but now it is my backup phone.

    I know it doesnt use Zune, but what do you guys think about the Windows Phone app for windows 7 is it good??
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  2. HeyCori's Avatar
    Mod Emeritus

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    A lot of people have noted that the coating peels. Good thing you're already on the hunt for a case.

    And welcome to the club. Enjoy your phone!
  3. orthocenter's Avatar

    10 Posts
    I've had mine a few days, and have no complaints. It's by far the best operating system for a phone. It's very intuitive and just makes sense! Enjoy it. I'm not getting a case...don't want to hide the sleekness. When I drop it, I'm sure I'll regret that choice!
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  4. 12Danny123's Avatar

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    I had my WP 8X for a month. and it's perfect. nothing wrong with it at all.

    Note: I call the HTC 8X the WP 8X. since it's the phone's real name. and it's the most Wp of all Wps
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  5. slap0rama's Avatar

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    I ordered my 8x yesterday. I'm really excited. It's kind of weird that these will be my last couple of days with an Android, I wonder how I will adjust?
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  6. SteelSteve's Avatar

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    Have had mine for almost a month now, with no problems at all.
  7. steve mills's Avatar

    3 Posts
    i`ve had mine for a few days and love it, much prefer it to android. got the htc 8s first but lack of storage put me off, so took it back and got its bigger brother so glad i did
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  8. asosko's Avatar

    11 Posts
    Congrats. Using mine for over a week. Came from Android and used IPhone for a while. Wp OS is perfect for me. I love it. Makes look Android and IOS like old junk.
  9. Lean4838's Avatar

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    Congrats! I've had mine for about 2 weeks already. I like mobile phones and I'm loving WP8! Very smooth and very fresh looking!

    If you would like warnings, I got to be honest with you: since WP8 is still a new OS, there are still some things that need sorting out. For example, one thing is the "Other" storage problem. Also, some things such as ease of life (is this term correct). For example, when I view my videos there is currently no option to sort it properly. If I have 100 videos, it just list the videos in a very long list. I can't group them by folder, etc for easier selection.

    Also, even if there ARE a lot of quality apps in the market, some important stuff really is still missing. When I showed my cousins / friends my 8X, they were actually impressed by it. But when they started asking about Instagram and a lot of popular apps why I didn't have them, I had no choice to say that it is not available in the WP store. :(

    Nevertheless I'm still very happy with my 8X! With regards to the current problems, that's actually why I wanted a Windows Phone. It has a lot of potential for good changes and I can't see it go anywhere but up! Android is slowing down in terms of changes and iOS just doesn't change anymore. (I have an Android ASUS Transformer by the way, in case you say I'm prejudiced :D)

    Have fun with your 8X!
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  10. SaucePolicy's Avatar

    83 Posts
    I've had my 8X for just under 6 weeks with no case and have had zero problems with durability (No coating rubbing off, no dirty corners except for a certain pair of cheap jeans, no scratches, no scuffs, etc.) My phone does spend most of its time on a desk in front of me, so depending on your situation a case may be needed. I absolutely love the way the phone feels in my hand, its smooth yet grippy and doesn't feel like its easy to drop. The screen is amazingly crisp, clear, bright and colorful. The touch screen is very responsive and I've had no problems with lag. The phone is very fast, every app loads almost instantly. The power/lock/sleep button does take some getting used to and can be annoying to press. The camera is decent if you have a steady hand. I wish the "notification" light was really a notification light...right now it just acts as battery charging notification. Hopefully they can add more features to it in the future through a firmware update (like missed call, text notifications).

    My biggest complaint is with the Other storage folder hogging up all my space. Which is not an 8X complaint but a WP8 complaint really. Also be prepared for frustration with the Windows Phone App for syncing music. Freezes, duplicated songs, not syncing with Windows library properly. It is still a preview version so I'm cutting them some slack and hopefully they will get the problems sorted out.

    Otherwise I am very happy with my 8X and excited for the future of WP8.
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  11. juanitoriv's Avatar

    1,248 Posts
    Man! Happy for you!! Welcome to the clib. I'm 6 weeks in too. Phone stays in my front pants or in my inside jacket pocket. No case, no screen protector. No scratches, no color issues. Words with friends sometimes freezes. I've had my phone lock up for a few minutes with that open. Ended plugging in, pulling sim, unplugging, replacing sim. Pressing all combinations of buttons. Its NOT WP. Its Synga. I still can't get Draw something to work. Words by Post, AlphaJax, and DIDLR are leaps and bounds better anyway. You will love the 8X!! Check a thread titled "Custom Case for 8X". Homey's about to have marketable CUSTOM cases for our HTC's. And when I say custom, I'm saying, you can get a silver (as in the metal) joint, with Bucky, the Denver Bronco's mascot, engraved, cut out or embossed on the backside. He's got pics/vids of a cool looking spider web design. Check it out..
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  12. #12  
    I have a red 8x with occasionally reboots on it's own for no apparent reason but it is a good phone :P
  13. Kyorin's Avatar

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    To fix the rebooting, take the sim out, apply three layers of sellotape (sticky tape) to the back of the sim, cut of any excess tape, then put it back. It will then work fine. The problem is sometimes the sim doesn't make very good contact, by applying the tape, it makes the sim thicker and therefore press harder to the contacts within the phone.

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