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  1. jmilkey's Avatar

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    Anyone hook up their HTC Trophy to the Ford SYNC system yet? Reviews? Thanks so much.

  2. wreed's Avatar

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    I did and it works fine. I have the My Ford Touch with Sync...

    Over BT though it still doesn't show the song names but that might be a limitation of protocol?

    I actually have better success with BT on my Trophy than I did with my Droid x. Droid x it seemed would get disconnected easily, have yet to get that with the Trophy.

    I have a 2012 Focus.
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    Hmm, I think someone with Sync and Mango needs to give this a shot. I have Mango, but no Sync.
  4. Ruined's Avatar

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    SYNC works great with HTC Trophy. Even works with SYNC text messaging, which no other phone I've had worked properly with (not even WM6.5). You're in for a good experience pairing these.

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