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    I have a touch cover which is always connected to my Surface. I noticed that even if I don't use the tablet the whole day, the battery drains around 30% from a full charge. (the surface was in sleep, I never turn it off). Recently, I removed the touch cover and left my Surface alone for several days (I'm actually not using my Surface much lately) and today I checked the battery, and it drained 30% as well from a full charge, but this was over several days. So this leads me to believe that even in sleep mode/standby mode, the touch cover drains quite a bit of battery.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
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    hmm I haven't noticed myself but I also don't keep my touchcover connected when at home really.
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    no you have something else going on.
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    Do a more controlled test. Remove the Touch cover, fully charge the Surface, then reboot it. Check the battery after 4 hours. Then repeat the procedure with the Touch cover on.
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    if you have lots of apps running in the background would that cause the battery to go down even if the device is in sleep mode?
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    Sorry but I think this is just a coincidence. I agree that you probably have something else causing the issue. I haven't noticed any difference in battery consumption with the cover on or off....
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    Yeah I haven't noticed a huge difference.

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