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    My phone's a Lumia 800 and I just recently updated it to Windows 7.5
    I already have Refresh Marketplace but Marketplace is still a fail. :(
    I can't seem to search for anything and subsequently, I can't download anything.
    What should I do? :((
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    Interesting, can you confirm that you have full connectivity on your device, does the internet work, are you on Wi-FI etc? Have you tried to reboot your device again?
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    I have the same problem too. Since it asked me to download that App "Refresh Marketplace" like month ago. It didnt worked and I cant still search marketplace, it only shows me that one app.
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    hi.. i'm a new user of lumia 800.. i already sign in my microsoft account by using my gmail. the issue is, why after i connect to the wifi and try to install the application, it seems like this statement keep popping up, "the microsoft live id is not available at the moment" . I can open my marketplace and choose what ever apps that i want, but it when i press the install button, the statement keep popping out. why i'm having this problem? is there anything in the setting that i need to adjust? help meeeeeeeeeee :(
  5. AdrianneMei's Avatar

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    Yes I can! I have wi fi for sure. If not, I have 3G on. Pls helppp. Thank you!!!

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