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    So I text my buddy this morning a reply to a text from last night.

    I get his reply back, from a completely different name. And not a person's name, but a Yahoo! Messenger name from someone else. Had to have pulled it from my Yahoo Contacts randomly.

    I even reply back to the random name, and my buddy gets it lol. Same conversation with 2 different names. Probably a WP8 bug I'd imagine and not a 920 one right?

    Anyone had this happen?


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    possible two different contacts got linked together in your People?
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    Quote Originally Posted by congusano View Post
    possible two different contacts got linked together in your People?
    All of a sudden though? I text my friend daily, and this just happened this AM.

    It's Skype related, I looked at the contact and went to "link" and it showed the Delagolf contact from my Skype, but it was not linked, it was just under suggested links.

    Chalk up another bug for Skype!

    Just uninstalled Skype and the separate Delagolf SMS thread merged with the correct one and is now gone, F'ing Skype!

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