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    Instagram backlash is Flickr's gain | The Verge

    Good news is we already have the Flickr app. Honestly, I would be amazed if people still give a s**t about Instagram 1 year for now. Same goes for Facebook in 2 years. They're both dead men walking.
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    People laughed at me when I said that Facebook would kill Instagram with their policy changes and ad placements.

    I'm not claiming to he right just yet, but Facebook is walking that way with it.
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    1. Start Trendy Internet Sensation
    2. Sell to Facebook
    3. ??????
    4. Profit
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    Facebook will kill Instagram
    Shareholders will kill Facebook
  5. zzdarkwingduck's Avatar

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    Makes sense, people used instagram as something to share, they just lost one of the biggest ways to share it.
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    From what little I have read on the subject, WP8 can't survive without an Instagram app, so I guess that this means that WP8 is in jeopardy.
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    We do just for sales in general Instagram would open the doors to a lot of users even with the ****ty TOS services they provide.

    I'm sure a client is on its way

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